Here is another song from The Civil Wars.  I love how it captures that feeling of wanting desperately to trust someone you love, but knowing in your head that something is off.  It is very fitting for the relationship Liliana has with the men in her life.  She loves them, but she also doubts them.  It's hard when you really do know better.  That, I think we can all relate to.

The Civil Wars- If I Didn't Know Better
I'm not a fan of the traditional "lovesong" (ok unless it's by Taylor Swift, she is a freakin Siren, don't judge me!)

I do however consider this a love song, and it has just enough of the macabre in it for me to file it in my brain as a possible wedding song one day.  (Ok, seems unlikely, but I can still like the song)

Somehow it works for both of the complicated romantic relationships in Liliana's life.
I never thought I'd enjoy Civil Wars so much!

"Such is Life
Such is Death..."

C'est La Mort- The Civil Wars