As a follow up to the book review, I was offered the chance to do an interview for Noree's website Trip The Eclipse.  Since she is every level of awesome I scrambled at the opportunity.  See what we had to say about magical creatures, (somehow I forgot about Vampires altogether) and see how even through online interviews, I try to bring back the Capelet!

A Chat With Noree!
Noree Cosper has become one of my favorite people to stalk on Twitter.  Between her theological knowledge, along with her demonology acumen she is not only awesome, but she is at the top of my list if I ever need a Hunting buddy. Supernatural style.  She coins her blog a place to find articles about "writing, demons, vampires, spirituality and life through the eyes of an Urban Fantasy and Horror author."

See what Noree had to say about The Sin Collector on her kickass blog Trip The Eclipse
The exciting book blog Megan Likes Books was kind enough to do an interview with me!  Check out our mutual adoration of Oscar Wilde, and our love of cucumber sandwiches!

An Interview With Megan!

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I had the privilege (and hilarious time) talking to Robert Zimmermann for his blog A Life Among The Pages.

He'd already reviewed The Sin Collector but wanted to know more.

Check out our crazy banter, and find out where I stand on Dragon Conspiracies!

Read At Your Own Risk  :)
Make no mistake, Rebecca Hamilton is awesome.  I have reviewed her book The Forever Girl, and gotten the chance to interview her myself.

Now the tables are turned.  See the kooky and fun questions she posed to me. And follow her blog, you won't regret it

                                  Read Rebecca's Interview of Me Here
One of my biggest worries when writing The Sin Collector was that it would have 0 appeal to guys.  So it was exciting that for the second time this month a guy rated my book 5/5 stars!

Check out The Review of The Sin Collector at Robert Zimmermann's blog

He's also a pretty awesome guy in general so follow him asap on Twitter!
I had the immense pleasure of being interviewed by the awesome J. Scott Sharp.  His questions were very thought provoking and I had a blast answering them.  Go to his website below to read the interview, and be sure to follow him on Twitter!  You won't regret it!

                                         An Interview With Jessica Fortunato
Check out this great review from The Urban Fantasy Review site!  They are running a really cool blog over there!

The Sin Collector Review
The awesome Noree Cosper has tagged me to take part in the Lucky 7 Meme. If you're unfamiliar with the meme, the rules are:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines - sentences or paragraphs - and post them as they're written. No cheating
4. Tag 7 authors
5. Let them know

Here are mine.

The night passed by slowly. 
Billy was pretending to watch TV but he hardly took his eyes off of me as I lazily surfed the internet. 
I leisurely showered and got dressed. 
It’s amazing how a death threat will change your wardrobe outlook. 
I made sure to wear heavy jeans, a dark green turtle neck and sturdy black boots. 
Not that I expected to have to run away from anyone, but just in case, I wasn’t betting my life on wedge sandals. 
We didn’t speak but the tension was excruciating. 

I'm such a noob.  Here are my 7 victims:
Christine Nolfi
David le Merchand

S.M. Boyce is a kickass author and amazing reviewer.  She takes the time to really break down the particulars of a book and then does both a video review as well as a written one.  Check out both below, and also the link to grab your copy of The Sin Collector for only $2.99!

                          S.M. Boyce Blog Review          Buy The Sin Collector