To All The Beautiful People,

I don’t even know where to start.  You are all amazing!

I asked for help tweeting my free day, and I was shocked to see so many I hadn’t even asked jump on the bandwagon!
Every one of you went above and beyond my simple request. 

I’m overcome by how powerful you all are.  Every single one of you have so many people that you touch on a daily basis, it is literally awe-inspiring. 
Word spread like wildfire thanks to your dedication and copies of The Sin Collector flew off the virtual shelves!

Thank you all so much for your reviews, tweets, spotlights, encouragement, grabbing the book, and overall being great people. 

I feel beyond lucky to be surrounded by dreamers, poets, writers of love, tragedy and Vampires that bite.
I am immersed in the world of quirky v-logs, enchanting book blogs, and readers of the fiercest caliber. 

You are all extraordinary

Stay kind, generous, and always aware of the magic that words, put in the precise order, can create. 

I love you all to death, and I hope to write books worthy of you.




I was lucky enough this week to be featured on the official site of Thomas Winship, and his Vaempire blog.  He is the amazing author of Vaempires The Evolutionary War.  Not only is he a fast paced, action writing, superstar, he is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met.

So check me out below and peruse his site and books.  You will not be disappointed!