Rob Zimmermann, the man behind the great blog A Life Among The Pages has a great feature where authors can discuss their favorite authors.  I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate once, and was blown away that he considered me worthy of guesting twice.  Since I could talk about authors all day, I jumped at the chance.  Thanks Rob!!

I was fortunate enough to be given the privilege of guest posting on Robert Zimmermans blog A Life Among The Pages. 
The topic of course being wonderful and thought provoking. 
As an author, which authors do I love?
Find out my answer as well as the amazing and talented S.M. Boyce and T.L. Tyson here.
I had the privilege (and hilarious time) talking to Robert Zimmermann for his blog A Life Among The Pages.

He'd already reviewed The Sin Collector but wanted to know more.

Check out our crazy banter, and find out where I stand on Dragon Conspiracies!

Read At Your Own Risk  :)