As a follow up to the book review, I was offered the chance to do an interview for Noree's website Trip The Eclipse.  Since she is every level of awesome I scrambled at the opportunity.  See what we had to say about magical creatures, (somehow I forgot about Vampires altogether) and see how even through online interviews, I try to bring back the Capelet!

A Chat With Noree!
Noree Cosper has become one of my favorite people to stalk on Twitter.  Between her theological knowledge, along with her demonology acumen she is not only awesome, but she is at the top of my list if I ever need a Hunting buddy. Supernatural style.  She coins her blog a place to find articles about "writing, demons, vampires, spirituality and life through the eyes of an Urban Fantasy and Horror author."

See what Noree had to say about The Sin Collector on her kickass blog Trip The Eclipse