Something a little different today.  I heard this song about a year ago and fell in love with it.  It's always good to play when you're feeling sassy.  I only just now found an official video.  It's not my favorite video but I'm going to post it anyway. April Smith and the Great Picture Show: Terrible Things

Much love guys!

For today's soundtrack I submit Blinding by the popular Forence and the Machine.

It is my utmost hope that more than anything you read The Sin Collector and come back to these pages and find every hidden meaning  in each of these songs.

The day is coming!

This song is incredibly special to me.  For starters I listened to it obsessively while writing most of the main attributes of Liliana.  From the lyrics to the music, to the awesome voice, there is nothing about this song that disappoints.
It is Death, by Wolf In The Fold.

I emailed the artist, Andy Faza, and he was nice enough to include the link below, where you can find free downloads of Death, as well as his other songs.

I hope to hear a lot more from him.  It's these musicians that write the classics, and it's up to us to boost them to popularity!  If I find any more information on them including a band website, twitter, or facebook, I will share it immediately.
I definitely hope to have an autographed CD one day

Otherwise sit back and enjoy, Death.   :)
I completely adore this song.  I listened to it non-stop when I first heard it.  I am a big fan of Josh Ritter, and his folky and deep lyrics.  I especially had a fondness for this song because of its religious undertones, and of course the main heroine in my novel has found herself in many different types of wars throughout her existence.


Girl In The War- Josh Ritter
I am never writing in silence.  Music inspires everything I write, from this novel, to its sequel, to my personal journal and even this website.

I wanted to share some of the songs that helped me write my first novel.  The lyrics, the music, some aspect was inspiring to the overall feel of the book as well as directly related to some of the characters.

In anticipation I will post one of the songs everyday, so you, the reader, can begin to experience the world of The Sin Collector before it is released.

Hope you all enjoy today's first installment!

Dead Hearts by Stars: