In a bit of a rush this early, early morning.
This one is for the Castus.

Evil is Alive and Well-Jakob Dylan
Usually I am somewhat against remakes, however I couldn't help but fall in love with this version by Kris Allen.  To me it says all the things I think Olexander would tell Liliana, seeing her after such a long time.

Kris Allen-Falling Slowly
I heard this song last night for the first time.  It's so comforting, like a lyrical letter to everyone you love, that you won't leave them.
It definitely reflects how I feel about the family I love and would die for.  It also reflects the same in Liliana, especially once again to Julia.

From the newly released album Scars and Stories
Be Still by The Fray
My posts in the past have focused heavily on Liliana and her relationship with the men in her life, as well as her facing her own past and future.  However, there is one relationship I haven't mentioned that is very important to me. 
Liliana begins as a sort of big sister to a young Collector Julia.  They become  close and Liliana becomes very protective of her in a maternal way.

This song in its original form is one of my favorites. When I heard this version a few years ago on one of my favorite television shows, I bought it immediately.  It's something I think any big sister would wish for their younger sibling, and also a mother would wish for their child.

And of course the thought of staying forever young is especially applicable to every Collector.  :)

Audra Mae-Forever Young
This band is also new to me, but I am really liking their sound.  It also helps that every member  looks like a rogue vampire. 
I thought I'd post something that conveys some of the feelings of desperation etc. from the end of The Sin Collector.

...which I hope you're reading :) 

Within Temptation-Shot in the Dark
I'm not a ginormous country fan, but I do have some favorites.  Unfortunately this artist had a great single but for some reason her album was never released.  I grabbed the song when it came out a few years ago as a single. 

I can't help but feel like this would be a question Liliana would ask herself daily.  As she would feel a married mans lust, or a rich mans greed.  It would certainly make me weary.  Why isn't anyone satisfied?

Ashley Monroe-Satisfied
A friend recently reminded me of this song's existence and I couldn't believe I had ever forgotten it.  When it came out, it was my personal mantra and I listened to it obsessively.  I very much feel like this is the sort of thing that Liliana would have said to herself for over 100 years. 
That one day she would stop running, one say she could stop questioning, one day she would find a home.

This song is like a drawn out wish, a prayer, that that day will not be too far off.

Alanis Morissette- Incomplete
Here is another song from The Civil Wars.  I love how it captures that feeling of wanting desperately to trust someone you love, but knowing in your head that something is off.  It is very fitting for the relationship Liliana has with the men in her life.  She loves them, but she also doubts them.  It's hard when you really do know better.  That, I think we can all relate to.

The Civil Wars- If I Didn't Know Better
I'm not a fan of the traditional "lovesong" (ok unless it's by Taylor Swift, she is a freakin Siren, don't judge me!)

I do however consider this a love song, and it has just enough of the macabre in it for me to file it in my brain as a possible wedding song one day.  (Ok, seems unlikely, but I can still like the song)

Somehow it works for both of the complicated romantic relationships in Liliana's life.
I never thought I'd enjoy Civil Wars so much!

"Such is Life
Such is Death..."

C'est La Mort- The Civil Wars
In The Sin Collector, two of the biggest themes are lonliness and family.  Lily lives a life of solitude until she is given this opportunity, this gift, of being with those who understand her, the gift of having a family. 
The bond of family is strong, and Liliana, just like everyone else is forced to fight for it.  She has a great deal of internal struggle with her own lonliness, which has become a habit, and her newfound loves.  I adore the lyrics to this song, and I love the energy of desperate fight behind it. 

I hope you like it too!  Missy Higgins- The Special Two