For Liliana, the ultimate Watchwoman!
On the topic of Angels today.
This song means a lot to me, and I'm happy to share it.
To all of you who have Angels on the Moon.
I'm thinking everyone has heard We Are Young by the band FUN.  It's on the radio constantly. However their whole album is pretty great and this is my favorite from it. Thought I'd share.

It's All Alright-FUN
Love this song, and found it to be fitting as I continue on with Lily's story.
"Cause in this life you must find something to live for;
cause when the  darkness comes a callin'
you'll go back to where you were before.
Cause  this life is as fragile as a dream,
and nothing's ever really as it  seems..."
No Reason To Pretend-Aaron Sprinkle
Shake off the weekend with this Vampy treat!

Bloodletting-Concrete Blonde
It has been a rough week, as is probably evident by my lack of soundtrack postings altogether. I promise next week I will try to get back on the straight and narrow.
However, it's not next week yet, and it's my blog and I'll macabre if I want to.

THEREFORE: I have been enjoying this song for about a week, but for some reason only noticed an official video last night.  It's bizarre, somewhat unsettling, and features Goran Visnjic (who I haven't loved this much since Practical Magic, RIP Jimmy Angelov)

Hope you dig it, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

UNKLE-Burn My Shadow
I have been completely obsessed with this song for over a week.
Absolutely love it and it's video.

WARNING: The video is actually bloody/brutal for those faint of heart
In honor of Police Week and Today Being Police Memorial Day, this is a great song.  It's easy to blame the police when things aren't going as fast or as efficiently as they would on CSI or NCIS.  However many of them work tirelessly and without much notice, to keep you safe. Many lose their lives doing so.  It's easy to judge, but there is still only one number you call when there is an intruder, when your kid was in the yard just a moment ago, so thank an Officer this week. They will appreciate it.