Today I was fortunate enough to lure S.M. Boyce, the author of the national best-selling The Grimoire Saga, out of her visionary land of Ourea.  Once here, she was kind enough to answer 15 questions about herself, her books, and give spoilers!

(Find the complete Cover Reveal of The Grimoire Saga below!)

1.    Would you rather be a Hobbit, a Mother of Dragons, or a Wizard?

    That’s tough. Can I be a Mother of Dragons wizard? No? I think I’ll go with wizard, then. Mother of Dragons comes with a hefty level of responsibility, and I much prefer to wave around a wand and make the bed with magic. I’m easy to please.

2.    If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what book would it be and why?

    Can we stretch this into a series? If so, The Lord of the Rings trilogy. There’s so much to it that I could read it a thousand times and probably still catch things that are different.

3.    If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role as you?

     I think Jennifer Lawrence, since we look vaguely similar and her interview persona is hilarious. She seems both fun and hardworking, so I like to think she would do a great job as me.

4.    Do you have a guilty pleasure?

      Ghost hunting shows. I love them and usually get drunk while I listen for EVPs in the static. So fun.

5.    Has a person in your real life ever strongly inspired a character?

      My husband is my content editor, so he helps me mould many of my characters. In fact, one of my favorite characters—Stone from the Grimoire Saga—was pretty much created by my hubby. His tone and personality are nothing like my husband, but I could swear Geoff channeled Stone during our editing sessions. He always seemed to know the perfect dialogue. It’s fantastic to have my husband on my team like that!

6.    If the Grimoire Saga was made into a movie, who would you want to play Kara?

      You mean when, right? Because it’s going to happen! Someday. Hopefully by Peter Jackson.

As for Kara’s actress, I would really like Emma Stone. I love her work, and she seems like the perfect fit for Kara’s character. In fact, I think a Goodreads reviewer actually cast Emma as her ideal Kara. So how cool is that?

7.    Do you prefer writing heroes or villains?

     Villains! They walk the line of morality, and half the time can rationalize their cruelties and schemes in a way that make you love to hate them. I really enjoy exploring the morally corrupt characters.

8.    What do you think makes a good story?

    Relatable conflict that makes you connect with the characters. A story begins on the day something changes. Of course, characters, world building, and plot are all important as well, but I think relatable conflict is the core driving force of any spectacular story.

9.    Have you ever considered writing a story from a completely different genre?  If so what genre?

    Yes, actually! I have a dystopian sci-fi with biological warfare undertones in the works. It will probably come out in a few years, after the Grimoire Saga is done. I make it a point of honor to learn something new from every book, and that book will be an experiment in treading outside my comfort zone with my novels.

10.    What was your favorite childhood story?

    Not sure if this counts, but The Magic School Bus. I loved exploring science with Miss Frizzle and the class, since they always went on these impossibly magical adventures. Actually, I think that’s what I liked best—the blend of magic and science.

11.    What has been the best part of being a writer?

    I’m going to sound like a total sap, but it’s a tie between watching a novel come to life and interacting with fans. Writing is a journey, but I don’t want to do it alone. I love to share my stories with readers, and it’s an unmatched thrill to see someone else enjoying my story enough to tell me they liked it.

12.    If the world was ending in 24 hours, what is the one thing you’d wish you’d done?

    Damn, that’s depressing. Um… I live in the now, and I’m a very happy person. I’m fulfilled and blessed in so many ways that I know I’ve lived (and will continue to live) a very full, peaceful life. But if I had to choose something, I would wish I’d slowed down a bit more. Watched more butterflies or studied flowers. Sat back on the grass and watched the clouds. Life blurs by if you aren’t careful—you have to make time to appreciate what’s there, or you won’t ever get the chance.

13.  What’s your favorite holiday?

    My anniversary. Hey, that counts! And yes, I’m gooey. I love my husband. He’s my soul mate.

14.  Do you have a piece of jewelry you never, ever take off? (aside from wedding rings)

    Before I finished Lichgates (Grimoire Saga #1), I gave myself a present: a Grimoire pendant from the series. I wear it all the time as a reminder that I can absolutely do whatever I want in life. It’s an empowerment symbol, and it makes me proud every time I see it because I did something incredible: I achieved a lifelong dream and published a book. And I’ve continued publishing!

15.  Just give us one teeny tiny spoiler from your upcoming novel, Heritage.

    Hmmm… Someone mentioned in book one as an evil murderer is revealed to have a softer side—and when we look into their past, Kara realizes she’s more like them than she feels comfortable admitting.

How’s that?

Thanks for having me! This was really fun!

Briefly after this interview concluded, Ms. Boyce jumped back through  a Lichgate and should emerge again in the Fall!

Check out her work below!

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