“Some people say, 'Save yourself and you save your ways.' I say, 'Be yourself and you save your soul."~Alice Hoffman
With her whimsical prose and unstoppable imagination, Alice Hoffman has given new life to the term magic.  As you read her words, you feel transported.  You will swear you can smell the wisteria, feel the flame of the fire.  Her characters are beautiful, ugly, sad, hopeful, full of regrets and full of promise; they are human. 

You may have heard of Hoffman’s wildly successful latest novel The Dovekeepers.  Or perhaps you’ve seen others glued to the pages of The Story Sisters, or The Red Garden.

You may have even seen a few of her books come to life on the silver screen in Aquamarine or Practical Magic.

One thing is for sure, once you’ve taken a peek into Hoffman’s world, you will never be the same.

In celebration of Alice’s birthday this March 16, I along with Heidi Garrett will be hosting a blog hop!

Do you love Alice?  Tell her why.  Has one of her books (or movies) changed your life?  Have you seen yourself reflected in one of her characters?  Has her writing inspired your own?

Sign up for the hop here and tell us about it.  More importantly, tell Alice.  She was kind enough to return our email about this hop, which can be seen below. 

Any questions feel free to contact me Here.

Kimberly Engebrigtsen
3/10/2013 08:34:29

Wonderful Blog. Thank you for sharing.

Aliya Jamil
3/10/2013 08:48:59

I am relatively new to Alice Hoffman. Read "The Dovekeepers," and thought it was sublime, out of this world! I do have "The Red Garden" and "The Story Sisters," and am looking very forward to reading them.

I love Biblical fiction if written well, and while "The Dovekeepers" is not straight from the bible, it was reminiscent of Anita Diamant's "The Red Tent," in my opinion, another sublime story. My favorite character was Yael and she resonated with me. There was one particular scene with Revka's daughter that made me ball my eyes out. Overall, the writing was so good, and the story was riveting that I was spellbound. I can rhapsodize about this book all day long, that's how excellent it was!

Aliya Jamil
3/10/2013 12:49:53

Should have said "bawl" my eyes out, whoops! Now, I think I'll get to The Red Garden soon...

Elaine Stevens
3/10/2013 08:50:34

So many wonderful works. Dovekeepers is a gem. Practical Magic always shows me something new. Turtle Moon keeps me at the edge of my seat, even though I've read it repeatedly. Ice Queen breaks my heart and lifts me up with every read. Third Angel illuminates. Currently, I'm reading River King once more... again with the breaking of hearts, lifting of souls and edge of my seat. I could go on and on, but I guess if I have to choose a "favorite" it must be Probable Future. That book grows on me with every read.

kim carey
3/10/2013 09:17:25

Ice Queen was my first and remains my favorite (even though I have read many and still have several on my kindle to read). Happy birthday Alice! March babies are super special (yes I am one too).

3/10/2013 14:03:54

Alice Hoffman is one of a kind. Her "The Dovekeepers" is a classical for many years to come, manifesting an outstanding talent to capture the readers heart with way with words, illusions, painting realities and characters.
As a Scientist I loved reading it, as a woman I could not put it down and my heart still misses it and as a painter I could not resist and was inspired to paint Yael and Aziza...can be viewed at my website www.doritamikam.com...Alice, may you have many healthy and creative Birthdays..Birthweeks and Brirthyears..enjoy your tremendous talent and the fantastic fruit of your labor..Dorit

3/10/2013 14:06:57

Also...Incantation is on my bed chest,,,one of a few...

3/10/2013 14:13:28

I encourage you all to join the hop listed above, if you haven't already! Alice is a joy and has a true gift when it comes to the written word. There are no rules or word limits, join soon and celebrate with us!

Mona Glass
3/10/2013 22:02:14

I think I've read all your books through many years and have loved every one. I take care of adults with brain injuries and have read these books to them ,too. Your prose is like poetry and conjures images in a way I've never seen before. Your wisdom brings to mind that of my own dear Mother.Now I'm rereading them and turning my friends on to them. They are all love them, too. Thank you.

9/7/2013 11:20:45

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and created a Weebly account too.


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