Anybody who read Book One of the Vampire Flynn series, Eyes of the Seer, will attest to the fact that the book is fantastically intricate. Feel free to catch up by reading my review of Book One Here.  As I eagerly waited Book Two: Rebirth of the Seer, I had some doubts it would be able to live up to the high bar Dawes had set for himself.  Not only did Rebirth exceed my hopes, it even slightly overshadowed its former in greatness.

Vampire Flynn/Peter is back and although he’s on the road to redemption, it’s bumpy to say the least.  He wrestles with his lust and human emotions almost constantly.  Such a thing could easily get tiresome in a book (I’ve seen it happen.) However, Dawes never stops the action long enough for you to get bored. He manages, in brilliant fashion, to show Peter’s angst while at the same time allowing the story to progress full throttle. 

As always there were parts I adored and a few nit-picks here and there, but I never put this book down (not even to sleep!  And at the time I needed to sleep!)

The Love and Bother:

I don’t know if the author has ever read The Picture of Dorian Gray, but the duality of Peter’s nature often reminded me of my favorite book by Oscar Wilde.  His constant struggle between what he wants to do vs. what he feels he should do is ever-present.  Dawes however takes it a step further by creating a third and less appealing option…what he must do.   This adds intensity to the book as well as forcing the reader to think more about the choices the characters are making.  I loved this new aspect in Rebirth.

Once again, although there is a “villain” in Flynn’s story, the biggest problem in Flynn’s life is Flynn.  (Oh how I could relate to that problem.) On one hand, this allows the reader to philosophically dissect Flynn with every page.  On the other hand, I want cruel, badass bad-guys! The book has two main forces of contention. A dark magician/vampire named Ian and the Order (as you may remember from book one) While Ian is no doubt evil, I didn’t really have any strong emotions toward him.  He didn’t make my skin crawl, or even invoke a desire to hate him as Sabrina did. I think the worst villains play the dirtiest and so far, most of Dawes villains have been downright classy. The Order was frustrating as well.  They did leave a bad taste in my mouth. However, without giving too much away, I will simply say that the Elders confuse me.  Their drastically shifting perspectives seemed to be the only part of the book that didn’t feel fluid and left me perplexed.  

MONICA! I knew she would be present in Rebirth, but I had no idea she would be such a focus.  This book does not begin it erupts and she is with my favorite Seer through thick and thin.  I cannot express how much I love this fictional character. It has been a long time since a female MC got me this excited. She is confident, smart, and completely able to handle the madness that is being a part of Flynn’s life.

While Dawes does give some back-story, he doesn’t try to sum up Eyes of the Seer for the lazy reader who just picked up Book Two.  I always appreciate this as a fan.  Dawes also did a stunning job in filling gaps of information with flashbacks.  The small “story within the story” of how he became known for his black roses was perfect in every way, as was the tale of how he came by his precious sword.  Flashbacks can be tricky and can often come off clunky as hell.  I don’t even think Dawes flinched!

Other Little Things In My Head:

Julian, another Seer, I found different and extremely likeable.  I would like to have gotten to know more about him (and hey, I still might in the upcoming books).  I would go so far as to say that I would love a novella giving me his back-story.

If Malcom were my Dad…we’d have words.  Not nice words.  Only those who have already read the books will understand that level of frustration.

I wasn’t sure whether to mention this or not, but I decided to include it.  I thought this book was sexy as hell.  Lately I feel like whenever I say that I’m somehow inadvertently comparing it to that 50 Shades drivel.  However, the sexual tension in this book is delicious and I couldn’t get enough. 

End result?  Read this book.  Start the series you will be hooked. Dawes is an exceptional writer and I have learned never to take that for granted. Everything he writes is guaranteed to steal hours, if not days of your life, and it’s time well spent with his delectable palate of characters!


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