“Some people say, 'Save yourself and you save your ways.' I say, 'Be yourself and you save your soul."~Alice Hoffman
With her whimsical prose and unstoppable imagination, Alice Hoffman has given new life to the term magic.  As you read her words, you feel transported.  You will swear you can smell the wisteria, feel the flame of the fire.  Her characters are beautiful, ugly, sad, hopeful, full of regrets and full of promise; they are human. 

You may have heard of Hoffman’s wildly successful latest novel The Dovekeepers.  Or perhaps you’ve seen others glued to the pages of The Story Sisters, or The Red Garden.

You may have even seen a few of her books come to life on the silver screen in Aquamarine or Practical Magic.

One thing is for sure, once you’ve taken a peek into Hoffman’s world, you will never be the same.

In celebration of Alice’s birthday this March 16, I along with Heidi Garrett will be hosting a blog hop!

Do you love Alice?  Tell her why.  Has one of her books (or movies) changed your life?  Have you seen yourself reflected in one of her characters?  Has her writing inspired your own?

Sign up for the hop here and tell us about it.  More importantly, tell Alice.  She was kind enough to return our email about this hop, which can be seen below. 

Any questions feel free to contact me Here.