Here is the thing about Vampires. THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. I consider this a good thing, don’t get me wrong, I bought the book. However, authors lately haven’t been owning their Vampires.  Allow me to explain.  I see books pop up every day, each one claiming to have “a new spin on Vampires.” Here is the reality. The “new spin” is making Vampires the “good guys.” 

Should I have spoiler alerted that?

This is the point where I admit I am a hypocrite since now that Vampire Diaries has ceased for the season I have no reason to live. 
Damon is so good when he's so, so bad.

Where is this nonsensical rant leading? Straight to a review, I swear it!

Eyes Of The Seer, Book One in the Vampire Flynn Trilogy by Peter Dawes (A pen name I assure you) surprised me, not because it was trying to recreate mythos, but because it embraced it.

Dawes lives in the real world, where a stake through the heart will do you in before you can say ‘ouch’. Vampires burn in the daylight, are reduced to piles of ash, need human blood to survive, and oh yeah, are KILLERS.  They are Classic, and there is a reason such things are called Classics in the first place.

All hail Bela Lugosi.

Here is the 411.  Peter Dawes is an ordinary man living an ordinary life. He is an ER doctor by day, loving boyfriend by night. The story begins with a murder.  Two people are dead at Peter’s own hands, and these deaths were not an accident.

From the scene of his transgressions, he is taken into the dark world of Vampirism.  It is elegant, decadent, sexy, bloody, and PERFECT! This isn’t Twilight folks, Peter is now a Vampire.  He has enhanced senses, increased stamina, intense bloodlust, and a fondness for swords.  He has disassociated from his humanity even further by taking on the new name Flynn. The ensuing story isn’t puppies and lollipops.  In a sophisticated and eloquent manner very reminiscent of early Anne Rice, we are taken through Peter/Flynn’s journey from healer, to Vampire, to Assassin.  God I want to say so much more but I don’t want to ruin anything.

There were things I loved and things that somewhat bothered me, however nothing ruined my reading experience.

The Love And Bother:

Flynn himself was an amazing character and watching his evolution through the first half of the book was mesmerizing only to be outdone by the second half.  However, there were a few times the story fell into a lull, I would have preferred the first half been edited a bit more to cut down on redundancy. (He loves blood and the murder, I really really get it, please move on)

Flynn’s maker is Sabrina.  I had conflicting feelings about her.  She annoyed me to the point I would have liked to rip her throat out, however for most of the story she was not overwhelmingly present.  Yes, I know you have minions for a reason, but sometimes asserting your dominance as a badass first hand is necessary.  I wished she had acted as hardcore as everyone said she was.

Now my biggest complaint and I’m talking to you Author Dawes if you’re reading this, Monica! Why was she not in my life sooner?! As the first half of the book ends, the second half takes off with breathtaking ferocity.  The sassy witch Monica brings some much needed calm to the heavy storm that is purely Flynn’s story.  I adored every moment she was in, and as much as I love Flynn, I will admit I will continue on the trilogy in hopes to see her. 

Other Little Things In My Head:

I loved the brotherhood of Robin and Flynn, although many of the characters are part of the same “Vampire Coven” Robin and Flynn come across as family.

Author Dawes incorporates foreshadowing for each “part” of Flynn’s story with quotes taken from various sources.  I LOVE these types of hints. They push me to say “oh hell, it’s only 1:30am, I’ll just read one more chapter"

I loved that Flynn was so eager to be a Vampire.  I mean…wouldn’t you be?  Where do I sign up? Somehow I found this one of the most realistic aspects of the story.

I would like a call to arms that Author Dawes is required to dress every real man in at least the United States, if not the world.  His Vampires embodied the Classy and handsome attire that just makes a mortal girl drool.

Ok, sorry, going to wrap it up.

All in all this was a great read.  As I said it very much reminded me of Anne Rice (a classic in her own right) and so I suggest this to anyone who enjoys her work.  Also anyone who, as I did, grew up with the Classic Vampire tales.  Dracula didn’t want to drive you to school, he wanted to suck your blood.

And man, if that isn’t a good way to die, I don’t know what is.

5/16/2012 11:15:08

a few things i am downright grateful that you pointed out in your review, because nobody else has before you:

1. your feelings on the earlier chapters. even i admit, i look back on chapters three and four in particular and wish i could have truncated them a little better.

2. your feelings on sabrina. my editor and i have been scratching our heads wondering how she appealed to readers as a villain. for what it is worth, my inner robin would applaud your decision to rip her throat out. ;)

3. you touching on flynn and robin's relationship. i modeled some of it after my relationship with my brother, who, while younger, is often the sobering stabilizing force in my life. i am glad it resonated with you.

4. monica. nobody ever gives her love. (i hear so much about flynn the 'bad boy' and not enough about the impish sorceress.) i promise she is very present in the next book and no less sassy, much to flynn's chagrin. ;)

thank you for reading the book, and for taking the time to review it. godspeed, my friend and fellow word slayer.

5/16/2012 12:27:36

I am dumbfounded that no one has shown their love of Monica! She quickly became my favorite scene stealer, and I will admit I hope there is a spark coming between your impish sorceress and my favorite conflicted vampire.


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