Since receiving my shiny new Kindle just a few months ago, I’ve been opened to the awesome world of new novelists.  It has been a rocky adventure of books.  Oftentimes awesome reads have sucked me in for days, other times I curse the heavens (in that very dramatic, TV movie sort of way) and then erase them from my Kindle immediately.

I’d seen some tweets concerning The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton, but hadn’t fully sought it out.  The cover was pretty, and the author’s tweets were fun.  Finally, last week, after stumbling across the book for the millionth time, I took it as a sign.  This book was intended for me.

I can say now, my only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner!

I won’t give you too much back story.  Partially because you can read the synopsis, but mostly I don’t trust myself with spoilers. 

The bones of the tale are this:  Sophia is an average girl, living in a painfully small town.  She is very much the ‘Boo Radley’ of the neighborhood due to her Wiccan religion, and a very overzealous Christian woman who hopes to rid the town of her evil.  As if being stalked by a crazy lady wasn’t enough, Sophia must deal with a constant hissing, a buzz that rattles around in her brain 24/7.  She managed to go to college, and now hold a job, but the constant noise never leaves her mind.  Curing her curse is her number one priority.  That is until she meets a whole host of supernatural beings, some dangerous, some carrying very human burdens, and one downright sexy.  She finds herself embroiled in a centuries old battle, first to find out about her own ancestry, then to save those she loves.

I loved this book, and I’ll give you just a few reasons why although I could probably come up with dozens. 

I was a Wiccan for fifteen years.  Rebecca Hamilton has been the ONLY fiction author I have ever read who described ritual, as well as Wiccan beliefs accurately and completely.  For her insight and research, I applaud and respect her.

The main character Sophia drew me in from the beginning of the book.  She has a crazy mother (who can’t relate to that) and is trying very hard to live her life, despite her hardships financially as well as medically (the constant noise in her head)  As the book evolved my only complaint was Sophia’s fear of her own power and her raging self doubt.  More than once, I wanted to hop into the story, shake her like a ragdoll and tell her she was strong enough to do anything!  (There is also a sex scene I wouldn’t have minded hopping into as well.  I’m telling ya, buy the book!)

Keeping the storyline moving was the lovable Charles.  He is a member of the supernatural realm, and I don’t want to say too much on that, but he oozes sex appeal.  He added some much needed humor to the extremely serious Sophia, and helped to keep the story moving at a good pace.  Not to mention he sounds drop dead gorgeous, and there are a few scenes not intended for children in the book.

I have to tip my hat to Hamilton for my favorite line in the book.  I don’t know if it was an intended knock on the ever popular yet poorly written Twilight series or not but as Charles pops up at Sophia’s window one night, she crossly asks him if he’s spying on her.

His response?  “You’re not so interesting that I came to watch you sleep, darlin’.”  

Rarely does a line literally make me laugh out loud as that one did.

Hamilton also manages to put together an excellent “supporting cast” of characters, including Sophia’s best friend Ivory, and Charles’s best friend Adrian.  The characters are not only rich and welcoming additions, but they end up having very deep and meaningful backgrounds that assist in tying the entire story into a neat little bow.  Personally, I love neat little bows, and so I was in reader heaven.

All in all the book was great.  It wrapped up nicely while still leaving a few questions unanswered for the next books in the series.  Those books I will not hesitate to buy.  As I clicked The Forever Girl from my To-Read folder over to my Modern Classic folder, I stuck my kindle on my overflowing bookshelf, propping it next to the framed picture of my Grams and her pet cardinal from so many years ago, and smiled.

Don’t worry, you’ll understand everything, the book is only a click away!
4/26/2012 06:29:28

Great review. Just started this yesterday. Really enjoying it so far.


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