This series has stemmed from my love for strong female characters in fiction. I started looking for the strong women in history and myth. Now, I’d like to
introduce the mother of all strong women.

    To this day, many think that Eve, born from Adam’s rib, was the first
woman according to the Bible. Actually, Lilith came before her, according to the Hebrew myths. In the story, Adam still complained to God about being alone. Therefore, god created Lilith out of sediment and filth.

    Now, Lilith was NOT Eve. She refused to be subservient and considered
herself equal (sound familiar?) She didn’t want to lie beneath him during sex.
(Hey, I agree. That would be boring all the time.) So, when Adam tried to force
her, Lilith, in a rage, used the magical name of God and flew away.

    Adam once again complained. God sent three angels to fetch Lilith. They
found her at the Red Sea, cavorting with demons. The children born from those
unions were called lilim. The angels ordered her to return but she refused
stating how could she be a good housewife after what she’d done?
They commanded her to return and once again, she refused. She promised to strangle any children, boys until the eighth day and girls until the twelfth day, unless the symbol of the three angels protected the children.

    OK, I’m going to stop here for a moment. Eve didn’t even exist yet. God
created her after Lilith refused. That means the first humans were from Adam and Lilith. Interesting implications, hmm? 

    Even in the beginning there were strong women. And of course she is
depicted as evil. Made of filth and all that. Still, I think I prefer Lilith to

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Noree Cosper loves writing about magic in the modern world.
While growing up in Texas she constantly searched for mystical elements in the
mundane. She buried her nose in both fiction and books about Wicca, Religion,
and Mythology. Everyday became an adventure as she joined a group of
role-players, acting out her fantasies of vampires, demons, and monsters living
in the world.

She embraced her nerdom

Noree grew, but never left her love for fantasy and horror. Her
dreams pushed her and her hand itched to write the visions she saw. With her
fingers on the keys, she did what her heart had been telling her to do since childhood. She wrote.

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