It has come to my attention that mysterious messages are being found all over the United States.  It seems Collectors everywhere are trying to use social media as well as pure happenstance to spread information. 

I will be posting all of the found photos here.

If you find one of your own, please link us to your picture in the comments and  give us the location it was found.

It has been pointed out to me that the sequence of numbers is a United States phone number, with the area code of Maine....Liliana's last known permanent location.
This most recent addition was sent in by a woman identifying herself as Abigail
This newest picture, found in Washington D.C. is a bit fuzzy. Submitted by a man who calls himself Xavier.
Sent in by a woman named Genevive from Florida
An anonymous post made from Bourbon Street, New Orleans
9/27/2014 23:18:47

Students and parents also never have to share their phone number with teachers. Ever.


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