Today is the "official" Suicide Prevention Day.
And the day I have chosen to write to you myself.
To send support and love to others, an organization known as To Write Love On Her Arms began the tradition of spending today (and much of this week) by literally writing love, on their arms.

If there is one thing I've seen this week by reading blogger posts, it's that our ghosts are not so different.
Write love, spread love, share a picture of your love below in the comments!

Dear Friend,

A year has gone by and I hope you’re still here and reading this. 
More than anything, I hope you’re here.

I hope that in the last year you’ve found something that helps, or eliminated something that didn’t.  I hope your heart remains intact, and that you’ve stayed up far too late to watch the stars.  I hope you’ve eaten cake for dinner, fallen in love with a new song, and been kind to someone you didn’t even know.

My wish for you is that you’ve found moments of peace.  Whether it is in writing, drawing, singing, dancing, collecting obscure rabbit shaped oven mitts, or simply being more content in your own body. I hope something has been stirred within you and has made you take a leap outside your comfort zone.

Since a comfort zone is often just a polite term for a self-imposed prison.

My dreams for you are that you seize happiness, with both hands, every time you get the chance.  I hope that you never forget that you alone can change your world whether it is with a plane ticket or simply a new outfit.  I hope you understand that you are here for a reason, and you might not know that reason for another forty years. 
I know it’s frustrating, but the day you find out…there will be no better feeling in this world.

I hope in the next year, you go some place you’ve never been before.  I went to Florida since last we met, it was a sixteen-hour drive, and I almost burst into flames from all the sun.  Yet, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat because fifty years from now I’ll still remember the laughter, the worlds smallest hotel bathroom, and how the moon reflected off the ocean, turning the night into a shimmering Wonderland. 

I want you to know you cannot make lasting memories in purgatory. And one day when you’re old and grey you will realize memories are all you have, but if you do it right, they will be enough.

Speaking of heartbeats, remember they are painfully finite. 
In the next year, make amends.  Love your parents. They are people who can get as lost as you do sometimes. They might not have found their reason for being here yet either. 
Sometimes it is easier to love someone than understand them. 

But you should try.

In the year to come, read good books.  Study if you must, but rifle through library stacks to learn.  Fall in love with words, for in them you will find a friend and thus never truly be alone.

Never forget that at least one person remembers this past year fondly because you were in it.  When you find yourself in a dark place, think of the things you would have missed if you’d been gone.

Then think of all the amazing things to come.

Life is painful, hard, depressing, and dark, I won’t deny it.

But it’s also beautiful, unexpected, enduring, and so much lovelier and so much more amazing than we give it credit for.

Stay strong.

Until We Meet Again, Remain Ever The Warrior You Are,



9/10/2013 10:25:19

This made me cry. Beautiful letter. Thank you. xo


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