I am doing research for my third book, and I was curious as to the widely held beliefs on this topic. You can just answer the poll or answer and expand on your answer in the comments!
Thank you for participating!
3/27/2012 12:06:42

I never really thought about this before. My understanding of the angels I've read about from the Bible are basically that God created them. But you always hear people saying "Oh, they went to a better place. They are angels now," about loved ones who've died and sayings like that.

So in a way I guess they can be both, even in a book. It could be similar to how, in The Forever Girl there are original Cruor and the one's that they have turned. In this sense dying going to heaven or whatever can "turn" you into an angel.

Do any of that make sense? haha

Jessica Fortunato
3/27/2012 12:29:35

It makes sense. This all stemmed from a conversation I was having the other night. Biblical wise, angels are of a different class than humans, with no dead person becoming an angel. However as you said, many people use the "Oh Grandma is my guardian angel now." I was curious as to which people seem more inclined toward. Personally I believe them to be of a different class. With humans never becoming angels. I think human spirits can watch over their loved ones, but are not angels. LOL if that makes any sense either.

3/27/2012 12:43:54

I understand exactly what you're saying :)

I personally don't believe in either form of angel existing, but if I were to believe or more have an opinion on which makes more sense, it'd be having a race of angels. This way they can do their thing with experience while letting the dead humans (spirits, or whatever you want to call them) enjoy the afterlife without having a duty.

It's an interesting thing to think about though, considering I'm not a religious person or one to really be like "hmm, angels, now there's a concept." I'd love to see what other people have to say about this.

Jessica Fortunato
3/27/2012 12:45:44

Are you an atheist? It's not a dirty word lol but I was curious. I've known a lot of people from a lot of faiths, and none of them have ever said they didn't buy into Angels.

3/27/2012 12:57:44

I think most people would call me atheist...but that's not exactly the easiest term to throw down nowadays. Plus labels can just be silly in the first place, haha.

Bottom line to make it simple: I don't believe in a higher being. I mean I don't know what created the universe. I'm sure there could easily be something bigger out there that caused it all...I lean more toward it not being a controlled thing like "and then there was light, and man, etc." Like it just is what it is, and I don't see the point in trying to figure it out. Whatever the actual answer to whether or not there is a God(s) is too much to comprehend/I don't see if benefiting anything. If he's there, he's there. If he's not, then it's also not effecting me.

As for organized practice of religion, there are good things to it beyond "going to heaven" and all that. I think the moral codes are great (if followed by everyone) the comminuty is a good thing.

For me though, I just live life. I have my understanding of right and wrong. That's really all the "religion" I need. I'll be good to you if you're good to me kind of thing.

One last thing in this jumbled up comment of nonsense. My father's Catholic, my mom's Jewish....I was "brought up with an understanding of both." BULL SHIT....sorry that slipped out. I won't get into that. But it was more we did holidays for the sake of doing that since it was tradition, not because we believed in a religion. I took a Biblical Herritage class in college where we studied the Bible as a document, not a religious text. In doing so I came to my own conclusions about the overall thing. It's just not for me.

....This is probably already longer than a comment on this post should have been, haha. Should have just rambled in an email. But yea if any of that's makes any sense while reading it cool. I've never really written it out before (well I got an A on a philosophy paper for explaining my (non)belief in God) so it could be organized better into words. Haha :P my bad.

Jessica Fortunato
3/27/2012 13:01:06

No I'm glad you answered. I know that it's considered downright dirty to claim yourself an atheist these days. I'm always interested in theological debate, even if the debate is that it's all malarkey. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs of course, although I do have to say your answer surprised me. However you always surprise me Rob :-P

3/27/2012 13:05:39

You ain't seen nothing yet ;)

Also as for "atheist" being downright dirty....I think it's the same for any religious label. Someone saying "I'm Catholic" brings to mind, well you can make your own opinion of that...but I've met many Catholics who are pretty much like you and me, and don't buy into every word the Church says. It's all an individual thing, so I think it's silly for it being dirty...though it's looked at in that way, so I'm not disagreeing with that.

OK, a bit too late to make full sense. Checking Twitter now then sleep. haha.

Jessica Fortunato
3/27/2012 13:07:43

Oh I hope you didn't think I meant it was a dirty label lol. I have just seen a number of threads online where people jump all over the atheist as if it's somehow the worst thing you can be. I didn't want you to think I thought that way even if we don't agree on stuff :-P Sleep well

3/27/2012 13:11:34

No, I knew what you meant by it and how people view it. I was saying that in the same way, people will jump on a Catholic for the "stereotypical" strict "by the Chruch code" beliefs that have about everthing. But yea, I need sleep so I can make myself look smart enough with something like this talk. haha. night.

3/30/2012 04:47:40

I never really thought about it at first.Well I guess it depends on how one takes the term 'angel'. Some might take the as the kind winged beings created by God to help them in need ? Or to others they could be some dead closed relatives or friends whose presence they might feel in need and get comfort.
And some people even consider the living who help them in the worst of times to the best, always on their side for support or to share happiness, as angels.

Like I said, i never really thought of it before. But they are definitely not another class of being created by God. I guess they are another class of humans, or at least were humans, and that the stage of angel attained was through extra karma points and good deeds of many life times making them too clean with no sins. And that by that stage they are just set to watch people and maybe at times guide them to the right path through dreams as that could be the only way of communication, i mean nobody saw them right. (don't most people get some good guidance through dreams and they called that guide of theirs as some spirit guide or angel)

You got me into deep thinking now. and am coming up with many theories.. ;). I hope this one helps though. :)



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