I was contacted by Suzanne Lilly who runs an awesome blog about authors and writing.  I absolutely loved her site due to her "writing space" idea.  So pop on over, read my interview, and see pictures of where I make the magic happen. (OK that was pretty corny even for me)
I just received the link to Kayleigh's Spot book review of The Sin Collector.  I want to thank her for taking the time to not only read my book but give such a wonderful and thoughtful review.  She certainly made my week.  Keep an eye on this one, not only is she a great blogger, but she is an even better author!

I was fortunate enough to be given the privilege of guest posting on Robert Zimmermans blog A Life Among The Pages. 
The topic of course being wonderful and thought provoking. 
As an author, which authors do I love?
Find out my answer as well as the amazing and talented S.M. Boyce and T.L. Tyson here.
So a few months back I stumbled upon this amazing site called Forgotten Bookmarks.  It is run by a bookstore owner, and Author.  Every day he posts a book, and the "forgotten bookmark" discovered inside.  We've all been there, you need to stop reading quick so you grab a picture, a receipt, a to-do list, anything to hold your place.  It makes me sort of sad that with the emergence of Kindles and the like, that the whole practice of instant bookmarks could be ending.

SO  when I found out the amazing owner of the site, Michael, was going to do a series of fictional stories describing how the bookmarks/inscriptions came to be.  I jumped at the chance, and he was just great enough to post mine!

I hope you like the story, and enjoy the site.  You can get lost in it for hours discovering people and places you'd never know otherwise. (It has some good recipes too!)

My Forgotten Bookmark