The Castus (Latin for pure, pious) are a group of antagonists in my book series The Sin Collector.  Sin Collectors have the gift of immortality and the ability to absorb a person’s sins thus granting them access to heaven.  The Castus are trying to eradicate the Collectors because they believe what they do is the work of the devil.  The Castus are human and devout believers that killing the Collectors is their duty to God. 

To find out more about the first book in my Sin Collector trilogy you can go here or explore this site further.

In book two, the origin of the Castus will be made known.  Including the introduction of someone very important to their cause.  Here is a brief snippet from book two in the series, sounds like someone bad is coming!

    “The Castus did not become powerful under weak leadership.  She has united our enemies, she has slain our friends both human and Collector alike.  The Castus is more than a following, more than a cult. It is a religion.  You have lived hundreds of years. You have seen religion shed more blood than any single sin.  Do what you will with my information, but do not underestimate the power of faith and do not underestimate Ariadne.” 

4/3/2013 06:01:32

What a fascinating idea. Good luck on your journey to Z!

4/3/2013 08:02:44

Yay, Castus! I look forward to reading more about them in book 2....that's a nudge....to you know...WRITE IT.

4/3/2013 08:24:47

LOL Noree I am trying!

4/3/2013 08:38:24

Oh no no no no no. Sin Collectors sound totally opposite then what the Castus believe , I mean if they can go to heaven how can they be evil?

My kind of book :)


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