Steam is the second short story from yours truly!  It is a mishmash of science-fiction, steampunk, and romance.  Check out the synopsis below and grab your copy for only .99!

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Charlotte Amelia Caprice may seem like an ordinary girl. She has a job she hates, a boss she despises, and zero romantic prospects. Her friends call her Charlie, when she can keep one for more than a few weeks. Though Charlie may seem ordinary, she is anything but. Charlie doesn’t have a heart. Instead, she has a steam driven machine in her chest, always making her feel less than human. Gears and pistons have been using her own body heat to pump her blood for over a decade. There is one small problem. Her heart is beginning to break. When Charlie meets a brilliant man, one who could save her life, she must choose between being heartless and being alive. A simple choice for some, but for Charlie living on steam isn’t easy.
4/22/2013 05:39:46

Sounds like an interesting story. I've been meaning to pick up a steampunk story and check the genre out.

4/22/2013 11:53:57

Albeit brief, this is an intriguing excerpt. Have enjoyed steampunk and other mixed genres so this sounds like a fascinating read.

Nicely done.

Cheers from a fellow A to Z Challenger.

4/22/2013 13:34:26

Sounds like an interesting, heartless story.

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