Happy Valentine’s Day You! 

You. Are. Awe Inspiring. 

And I chose right now to tell you because I’m not sure if anyone has yet today. 

On a day dedicated to love, it seems only appropriate. 

But awesome is not the only word synonymous with your name, your heart, your soul.

You are exceptional, a force to be reckoned with.  A spirit laden with stardust, pixie dust, and book dust.

You have slain the dragon, or been burned nearly to ash.   Yet countless times you rise, despite the rumors of failure, the worries of exhaustion and the negative voice inside your head that whispers, piercing your heart like small jagged pieces of glass. 

You are resilient.  You are diamond, Adamantium, the stuff they make Nokia phones out of, all of the forces of nature.

You are beautiful, even when you make that wonky face, when you’re cuddled in your comforter watching all 7 seasons of your favorite show, when you’re flushed with anger, even when you’re sleeping and your hair is gnarled. 
Behind your closed eyes we can almost see the vast ocean of dreams rushing through your brain, stitching together worlds and stories that only you can tell. 

Your soul sparkles, even in the darkness.  You are stunning.

You are brilliant.  You could be the next Da Vinci, Jonas Salk, Buzz Aldrin, Steve Jobs, the most loving Mother, the most vigilant Father, your greatness is astounding.

Even to the universe that created you.

Most of all, you are loved. 

At least one person thinks of you, and feels the warmth of your smile radiate in their chest. Someone you’ve kissed remembers you fondly for your Dr. Pepper lip gloss.  A lover you’ve yet to meet creates your life together in the beautiful recesses of their mind.  There are children yet to be born, dogs waiting to be adopted, and distant family still to meet. 

You are loved.

So love back recklessly, intensely, love until your heart feels as though it may burst.
It's really the only way to do it.

Love Always,


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